Coreworx Managed Services

Coreworx Managed Services

Coreworx understands that project teams may not always be staffed to administer software applications and team members’ time is often better directed at project management tasks. For teams who need additional assistance with their software implementation, Coreworx offers Managed Services.

Managed Services are optional services that provide clients with extra Coreworx software expertise and project domain knowledge. Managed Services can include administrative tasks such as adding or modifying users, system configuration, permissions management, and/or data imports. Managed Services can also provide clients with high-value industry expertise that helps guide Coreworx use and assists projects as they adapt to evolving project business needs and rules.

Managed Services can include adding new projects, environment set-up, transmittal configuration, or import/export tasks that would normally be assigned to your own project administrators and IT professionals.

Items included within a Managed Services plan are negotiated and purchased separately from purchasing other Coreworx software, services, or solutions.

Managed Services are available for both Coreworx-hosted and client on-premise systems.

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