Information Management Solutions for Projects

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Project Information Management Solutions from Coreworx

Project Management Solutions
for Capital Engineering & Construction

Gain insight and reduce risk. Coreworx helps you manage all your project information and coordination in one place.
Coreworx Interface Management

Interface Management

Formalized & structured
communication between project
contracting parties
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Coreworx Contract Management

Contract Managment

Manage contracts for engineering & construction projects, from
planning to close out
>>More on Contract Management

Coreworx Document Management Solution

Coreworx Project
Information Control

Manage all project
information, documents, and
work processes in one place
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The best teams around the globe trust Coreworx to help them deliver results.
Coreworx is used across 40 countries world wide More than 100,000 people are using Coreworx on their project Coreworx is being used on more that 2,000 capital projects around the world Combined value of projects using Coreworx is more that $1 trillion

Interface Management –
Best Practice & Project Reality

  • Interface management & benefits it provides projects
  • Implementation lessons learned & recommendations
  • Tips to overcoming challenges to your IM program
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Presenters: Justin Holub of The Dow Chemical Company and Paul Tompkins of Coreworx
Interface Management Book - Tips from the Expert Authors


Starting or optimizing your interface management program? Get tips from practitioners & book authors.

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Engineered Equipment Providers Improve Document Deliverables for Their Clients


Engineered equipment suppliers improve information delivery to clients using Coreworx.
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Get Better Project Insight by Integrating Interfaces with Your Project Schedule

Article & How-To Guide

Achieve ‘next-level’ project insight by integrating interfaces into the project schedule.
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