During the course of a major engineering and construction project, clients and subcontractors exchange large volumes of critical engineering documents. Particularly, transitioning from planning & design to the EPC phase, the document exchange transforms into a document tsunami. And each document within this EPC tsunami must be verified for quality, follow authorized review & approval processes, and be distributed to defined stakeholders within contracted dates. 

Coreworx Document Control provides unique tools that make all of these steps easier for both suppliers and document controllers and renders the process more efficient overall.  

Join our May 6 webinar to see how you can make document processing easier for both document controllers and suppliers while protecting the quality of project information at the same time.

Webinar Highlights

See how advancements in the Coreworx Document Control solution can help project teams:

  • Improve document delivery process for suppliers
  • Accelerate document verification process for document controllers
  • Ensure compliance to data quality standards

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