Juniper GTL Project Overview

Juniper GTL ProjectJuniper GTL of Houston is converting a dormant steam methane reformer in Westlake, Louisiana to a natural gas-to liquids (GTL) facility, producing clean waxes, drilling fluids, diesel fuel and naptha. Venture partners SGC Energia SA of Portugal and Houston-based Great Northern Project Development LP conceived the Juniper GTL project to produce clean fuels in a safe and economical manner. The Juniper GTL project, with a design production of 1,100 barrels per day, is the first of multiple commercial GTL plants.

Project Value: $100,000,000
Location of Users: Texas and Louisiana, USA
Coreworx Solution:  Project Information Control
Number of Users: 75


Challenge: Document Management / Information Management

To ensure the Juniper GTL project was completed on time and within budget, the project team needed a solution to the following information management challenges:

Business Challenges

  • Managing contracts
  • Ensuring proper documentation security
  • Enabling reliable communication between stakeholders
  • Meeting short project deadlines
  • Implementing a solution to these issues with limited personnel and resources

Document Management Challenges

  • Difficulties finding the latest version of documents
  • No method to track changes or ensure data integrity
  • No secure document backup
  • No way to control transmittals to external parties
  • No out of office access
  • No way to automate and standardize workflows, processes, and procedures

Solution: Coreworx Project Information Control (PIC)

Coreworx Project Information Control was selected over two other competitors because it addressed the business and document management challenges of the Juniper GTL project as well as offering the following benefits over competitive products:

  • Built for and used by many other global oil and gas companies
  • Web-based application is easily and securely accessed from any place in the world
  • Incorporates change control for data integrity
  • Standardized workflows available out of the box with minimal customization required
  • Powerful and easy-to-use electronic markup tool – no printing or scanning necessary
  • Option to extend the system with more project processes (e.g. Coreworx Deliverables Management and, in future, Coreworx Contract Management)
  • Ability to integrate with other systems (e.g. email, SharePoint, etc.)
  • Scalable design that can grow with SGC’s needs as they expand
  • Various pricing, support, and hosting/on-premise options


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