Arthur Ruiz, Interface Manager on Mexico’s first deep sea development project, explains the importance and benefits of Interface Management programmes in Oil & Gas, Rail, Wind, and Utility projects.

What are the top 3 benefits of implementing an interface management program?

  • Control communication with contractors and more transparency of the project
  • Avoid change orders
  • All project participants have a better overall view of the project

How did you develop your Interface Management system?

The best way is to buy a commercial software system

What was your key takeaway from the Interface Management Conference?

It was a very good opportunity to share experiences with colleagues.

Would you recommend the Interface Management Conference to your project colleagues?

I strongly recommend project owners and contractors attend this event

What was the focus of your presentation at the Interface Management Conference?

  • My experience in Mexico on a multicultural project
  • Implementing an interface management program on a greenfield project from the very beginning

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