2021 is here! Never has the world been happier to welcome a new year. As we embark on a year that will hopefully see the end of virus-related crisis and a return to ‘normal’ life, we at Coreworx are reflecting on some highlights of what we learned and achieved in 2020. Looking ahead to 2021, we have an opportunity to consider how past ideas for innovation will make managing project information and related collaboration activities more efficient for all participants.

A Virus and a New ‘Remote’ World

Upon the arrival of COVID-19 in early 2020, like many others, Coreworx employees had to quickly adapt to working from home, with colleagues spread out across locations in Canada, the USA, and India. The added challenge of maintaining operations remotely in order to support our clients, who are executing major capital projects that include the design and construction of some of the biggest and most complex industrial facilities around the globe, resulted in the same work, just in very different locations.

With a team that quickly adapted to 100% remote work, Coreworx was not only able to support existing deployments of client software installs, but we also successfully upgraded a substantial portion of our customers to new versions of software without visiting a single client in person. Truly, the entire team rose to the occasion to make these upgrades a success and this achievement demonstrates the agility, adaptability, and advanced skill set of the Coreworx team.

Managing Project Interfaces is Now Easier for All Parties

Although there was not much to cheer about in 2020, we had some good news to share - the November announcement that Interface Connect is now available for projects. Interface Connect is the latest evolution of Coreworx interface management software that includes all the trusted interface management processes along with new user-centric design advancements that will help make managing interfaces on projects much more efficient for all parties.CWX_interface_connect_launch

Interface Connect represents a realignment of Coreworx tools to fit the user purpose with current technological components offering an enhanced experience from any device at any location. It reveals the path forward for Coreworx software releases and our commitment to investing in best-of-class information management process automation and advanced collaboration tools for projects. With Interface Connect and all solutions that follow, we will seek to continually refine the user experience, improving project execution outcomes that meet the ever-changing needs of modern users.

>> For more information on Interface Connect, watch our recent demo webinar recording.

The Future of Document Control

With the foundation services we established during development of Interface Connect, we are rolling into 2021, full steam, towards Document Connect – the latest evolution of Coreworx document control software for projects. Document Connect will harness the technologies used with Interface Connect to deliver intuitive, user-friendly tools that improve efficiencies, reduce training, and increase adoption of the document control process. Stay tuned for more exciting news on Document Connect!

In summary, we are happy to bid farewell to 2020 like everyone else, but despite all the hurdles we encountered throughout the year, we did make great strides in the development of our solutions that help teams reduce project information management related risks. No one can predict what new challenges will surface on the path ahead, I am however more confident than ever that our team is better prepared to support you on your journey by providing solutions that offer competitive advantage when managing project information.

All the best to you in 2021!



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