Post 3 of Coreworx Introduces: A Controlled Way to Collaborate on Engineering Documents

In our last blog of this series, we introduced a new Coreworx innovation termed ‘controlled collaboration’ that now provides projects with a way to easily, and securely, collaborate on valuable engineering documents while always maintaining a tether back to the DMS. This article discusses other new Coreworx advancements that help document controllers overcome two very common issues they face when dealing with transmittals: cover sheets & missing information.

No More Cumbersome Cover Pages

Best efforts to support contractors and clients with simple transmittals for project documents often fail and teams are left guessing at submitted files and revisions or use uncontrolled email distributions. Coreworx makes submitting files simple by rendering cumbersome cover pages optional. Now your vendors and contractors can submit documents simply by dropping the files into a pre-defined exchange area. Behind the scenes, Coreworx will do the work to generate a transmittal cover sheet with the extra information required by document controllers included.

Intelligent Transmittals Help Information Gaps

When contractors or vendors drop files into your file exchange area without including the descriptive information document controllers need, they must then consume hours verifying the files against documents and revisions in your document management system. But now, Coreworx ‘intelligent transmittals’ significantly reduces this time by applying machine-driven file identification and metadata loading. Coreworx file processing algorithms quickly match incoming documents to official document revisions and fill in the details of the transmittal cover page for easy processing.

To hear all about intelligent transmittals and how they will reduce risks and processing times for your engineering documents, be sure to check out our webinar - see details below!

Intelligent Transmittals Demo Video

If you would like to see intelligent transmittals in action, watch our recorded webinar that demonstrates this new Coreworx feature and others. To access the recording, visit Coreworx Introduces - A Controlled Way to Collaborate on Engineering Documents

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