RFI Does Not Equal Interface Management

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RFI or Interface Management - which one to use on your capital project?

At Coreworx, we often get asked, what’s the difference between request for information (RFI) and interface management (IM)? At first glance, these business processes seem similar, both help to manage significant risk to projects by facilitating communication and information exchange, but each one performs their own unique project-critical role. So, what sets them apart? The answer to this can be … Read More

The Honest Broker


Recently, we’ve been engaged with a number of large projects where an owner’s goal is to have contracts setup in such a way that contracted organizations are required to not only design and build the project, but also operate and maintain the asset over a long period of time. As a result, few EPCs have the skills, resources, and manpower … Read More

RFI and Project Management Best Practice

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Project management practice generally accepts that clear communication channels and the ability to distribute information appropriately can impact project cost and time, but what areas actually deserve “best practice” consideration? I recently came across an interesting post on PM Hut entitled: “Implementing Project Management Best Practices”. The article got me thinking about the implications of using the Coreworx Request for Information (RFI) module to … Read More