Structuring Internal & External Interfaces on a Major Project

from the Ask an Interface Manager Series

Structuring Internal and External Interfaces on an Offshore Project

By Olivier Calas, Interface Manager

This article is part of our Ask an Interface Manager blog series. This series answers the question: How do you structure project interfaces?

Olivier_Calas_Interface_Manager2Olivier Calas, interface manager at McDermott International, illustrates how an interface management system was structured for an offshore oil project that included integrating both internal and external interfaces.

We asked how project interfaces should be structured, Olivier provided the following response. 



Structuring Internal Interfaces for a Refinery Upgrade  

Now that Mr. Calas has illustrated how interfaces were structured on a major offshore project to manage both internal and external interfaces, let's look at how another interface manager focused on internal interfaces for a refinery upgrade project that included interfacing with the Operations team.  

William Becerra Interface Manager

William Becerra
Interface Manager

Structuring Internal Interfaces for a Refinery Upgrade Project
Experienced project interface manager, William Becerra explains how a refinery upgrade project defined their structure that  focused solely on internal interfaces that included interdependencies with the operations team. 

>> Structuring Internal Interfaces for a Refinery Upgrade Project

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