Information Management – A Competitive Advantage for Engineered Equipment Suppliers

As an engineered solution provider, you know that a major component of EPC contracts in today’s capital projects relies on your engineered or fabricated capital equipment. As you are also aware, engineered solution providers must ensure flawless delivery of every fabricated piece or risk the potential of pushing the project to go grossly over time, over budget, and end up in litigation.

And within this market, EPCs are further pushing risk down to you, their vendor and supplier base. Requirements of supplying engineered equipment to capital projects today includes not only delivering the physical asset, but also meeting the rigorous documentation expectations. All information, documentation, and related process information related to your fabricated asset must be included with the delivery of the asset for ‘delivery’ to be considered complete and compliant.

As an engineered solution provider who supplies custom manufacturing or fabrication, you now need to meet these new project information requirements being expected of you. This paper outlines your related challenges and how to effectively overcome them to stay competitive in today’s project information management environment.