Project Interface Management – Book & Webinar

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Project Interface Management Book and Webinar

A new interface management guide book & live webinar with the interface management experts.

Managing complex major projects to successful completion is a monumental challenge that project practitioners struggle with. These mega projects include incredible system integration complexities that often require teams hailing from different organizations who may be stationed worldwide to collaborate effectively in order to ensure safe completion of these integrations. Project interface management is a discipline that helps projects manage risks associated with these integrations to help ensure project success.

Interface management has been around for a number of years although newer web-based solutions have made it a desirable solution for major projects with hundreds and thousands of interfaces to manage. At Coreworx, we see more and more organizations reaching out to implement our interface management solution on their projects because their clients are including it as a requirement in their contracts. We’ve worked to help organizations successfully implement programs and solutions on their projects for many years, collaborating with some of the top project teams in the world to do so. We’ve seen great success delivered through this discipline, as have other practitioners, and we know it’s proven in the field to help projects better mitigate project risks. And with that said, we are delighted to see fellow interface management enthusiasts launching their book on the topic to help more project teams learn about the advantages it provides and figure out how to get started and ensure their program is optimized.

Project Interface Management: The Book

Project Interface Management BookTo support the understanding of this discipline, authors, Michael Bible and Susan Bivins have launched a new book titled, Project Interface Management – Reducing Risks on Major Projects. The book outlines the best practice and principles of interface management as well as defining the terminology, and providing tools and techniques for implementing an interface management program.

The book offers useful information to those who are new to the interface management practice as well as providing useful steps on how experienced practitioners can ensure their programs are aligned to industry best practice.

Project Interface Management: The Webinar

To help those thinking about or executing interface management learn more about the discipline from experts in the field, we’re hosting a webinar with the authors of this new book!

On March 20, 2019, Kelly Maloney will discuss how to implement an effective interface management program to reduce project risks with fellow interface management experts (and book authors), Michael Bible and Susan Bivins.

Join this webinar to hear:

  • Lessons learned from proven experience
  • Take-aways for real-world projects
  • Q&A – bring your questions for these IM experts!

Webinar: Project Interface Management Book Authors

Who should attend:

Interface Managers, Project Managers/Directors, Project Sponsors & Executives. Experienced practitioners or new to the practice of interface management, this webinar will include information for all levels of experience.

What attendees will learn:

  • How interface management addresses the issues contributing to overruns and under-delivery
  • Why interface planning and project plan alignment is critical for project success
  • Common misconceptions dispelled
  • Methods to effectively and efficiently manage interfaces that minimize the risk of rework
  • Practical guidance on how to plan and implement a project interface management program that incorporates proven practices in a variety of domains