Managing Information in Mining Projects

Managing Information in Mining Projects

The mining industry is seeing increasing challenges in moving large projects forward, including:

  • Increased public scrutiny, regulation compliance, and environmental pressures
  • Schedule slippage and associated opportunity costs
  • Financial pressures to secure capital to take operations into production
  • Risk management and litigation issues
  • Health and safety issues

As these challenges grow, it is important that the mining industry look at all alternatives in managing project execution. Over the past decade, many oil & gas owners have been educating themselves about the discipline of project information management. This has resulted in owners achieving better oversight and control of their own information and more opportunity to mitigate risk.

This paper outlines six lessons learned from oil and gas projects that can be applied to mining projects. Each lesson learned links back to developing a project information management strategy that sets a foundation for success. For any type of mining project, work is best executed when information is readily available and stakeholders are well informed.

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