Interface Management - Project Benefits, Results & Restarts 

Webinar Co-hosted by the Construction Industry Institute (CII) & Coreworx

Experiences from EPC & Owner Projects 

Webinar Recording

construction_industry_institute_cii-1In 2014, the Construction Industry Institute (CII) published a research study that revealed the impact interface management (IM) had on major projects at that time. Results revealed that projects who used a formal interface management program experienced less cost growth compared to counterparts not using formal interface management.

Fast forward to 2020: interface management has become a required practice and what how have projects implemented this practice and what results have they achieved? Coreworx, CII, and an experienced interface manager from a major EPC share experiences regarding implementation of interface management on projects, including lessons learned and benefits it has provided throughout the project life cycle.

Webinar highlights include:

  • Olivier Calas from McDermott International will provide an EPC perspective on interface management implementation
  • Review of CII's interface management research project results
  • Collected IM results experienced during planning, design, and execution
  • Plus, how interface management has helped projects better manage through sudden shutdowns and restarts – which many projects may be experiencing currently due to the COVID-19 crisis

Webinar Recording

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Hosts & Guest Presenters

Olivier Calas, Interface Manager at McDermott International

Olivier Calas

Interface Manager 

McDermott International

Michael Pappas - Associate Director at Construction Industry Institute

Michael Pappas

Associate Director for Deployment

Construction Industry Institute (CII)

Kelly Maloney, Senior Product Manager for Interface Management at Coreworx

Kelly Maloney

Senior Product Manager, Interface Management