How to Reduce Project Risk with Interface Management

A Conversation with Interface Management Experts & Authors



Kelly Maloney hosted project interface management experts and book authors, Michael Bible and Susan Bivins, in a discussion highlighting insights from their recently published book, "Project Interface Management - Reducing Risk on Major Projects." Their book is the first of its kind to detail 'how-to' implement an effective project interface management program and illustrate the many benefits those projects will achieve by doing so.

View the webinar recording to hear:

  • Lessons learned from project experience
  • An explanation as to why early planning is important and tips on how projects can get started
  • Proven tools and techniques for interface management program success
  • Summary of extensive webinar Q&A


Who should view this webinar:

Interface Managers, Project Managers/Directors, Project Sponsors & Executives. Experienced practitioners or new to the practice of interface management, this webinar will include information for all levels of experience.

What viewers will learn:

  • How interface management addresses the issues contributing to overruns and under-delivery
  • Why interface planning and project plan alignment is critical for project success
  • Common misconceptions dispelled
  • Methods to effectively and efficiently manage interfaces that minimize the risk of rework
  • Practical guidance on how to plan and implement a project interface management program that incorporates proven practices in a variety of domains