Project Solutions for Engineered Solution Suppliers

Managing documentation and information related to the engineered equipment you produce is imperative to successfully delivering solutions to your clients as well as to the overall integrity of the project your equipment is being integrated into. As a result, the documentation expectations you are expected to deliver have grown increasingly complicated and demanding.

Coreworx Project Information Control software ensures you have control over your documentation deliverables. With workflows regulating information between parties, tracked markup and review, and the ability to cross reference multiple document numbers from multiple sources (vendors, clients, internal), engineered equipment suppliers can ensure the right people get the right documents at the right time without any confusion.

Coreworx Solutions for Engineered Solution Providers

Manage engineering & construction information across your project for improved insight & reduced risks.

Interface Management

Interface Management

Facilitate communication between contracting parties on a project.

Document Control

Document Control

Control all project information, documents, and work processes in one place.

Controlled Collaboration

Controlled Collaboration

Secure hub where project teams can share official documents with clients, partners, and contractors for online work activities.

Coreworx Benefits for Engineered Solution Providers

  • Ensure Process Compliance

    Automated workflow processes capture & validate data and deliver work assignments to authorized participants.

  • Eliminate Bottle Necks

    Easily identify ‘bottle necks’ and take appropriate action to resolve these issues so progress can continue.

  • Establish Single Source of Truth

    One central collaboration platform that applies consistent processes will ensure project team always has access to the correct & current information.

  • Gain Project Insight

    View in-depth reports on project status, progress, and trends and drill down into reports for full, granular details.

  • Simplify Audit and Discovery

    Significantly reduce time for discovery with audit tools that search your one source of truth and provide detailed reports on all activities and associated documents.

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  • Information Management – A Competitive Advantage for Engineered Equipment Suppliers

    Engineered Solution Providers must deliver adequate documentation alongside their solutions. Project information management solutions can help them to achieve this delivery successfully and for less effort.
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Avoid Scope Gaps Between Contracting Parties at Interfaces

Expert Q&A

Interface management questions & answers from Coreworx, CII, and experienced interface manager from McDermott International.

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Engineered equipment suppliers improve information delivery to clients using Coreworx

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Controlled Collaboration - A safety harness for engineering documents

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Make document processing easier for both document controllers and suppliers, while protecting the quality.

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The Coreworx Advantage

  • In-depth Understanding of Engineering & Construction Projects

    Focused on the information management needs of engineering and construction projects. Built to automate proven industry best practices and synchronize data management processes. Designed based on industry research, customer feedback, and real-world implementations.

  • Out-of-the-Box Work Processes

    Quickly configure Coreworx software and gain user adoption through out-of-the-box work processes that were designed around best practices for managing engineering and construction projects and also align to your current standard operating procedures.

  • Highly Configurable = Less Costly Customizations

    Coreworx combines tools built on industry best practices with the ability to configure most system components to fit your project’s specific needs – both of these items ensure quick implementation times and fewer costs associated with customizations.

  • Secure Web-based Solution

    Coreworx software runs in a secure, web-based environment on-site or in the cloud and can be accessed by authorized users any place in the world via a web browser and an internet connection. Enterprise class ensures scalability and performance.

The Coreworx Advantage