Coreworx Document View and Markup

Coreworx Document View and Markup

Enable review and collaboration on all project documents quickly and easily from anywhere in the world without the native document application.

Engineering and construction projects can have hundreds of thousands of engineering documents and drawings, and up to a million administration documents, most of which must be reviewed by multiple team members across the globe. Coreworx View and Markup is a user-friendly, integrated web-based platform designed to quickly and easily add comment layers to any document or drawing. The result is improved, accelerated Project Information Control; and the entire process can be easily audited, monitored and evaluated at any time during the project lifecycle.

  • Eliminate need for CAD and other native applications for review, print, and markup
  • Eliminate project information bottlenecks
  • Compatibility and support for over 250 file types
  • Integrate with project repository and workflow to maximize value

Coreworx Document View and Markup

Coreworx Document View and Markup Features

Advanced Markup & Consolidation

Viewing a document is one thing, even more critical is facilitating feedback on a document or drawing. Each document can undergo 5 to 10 revisions, with hundreds of vendors and contractors participating on each project. With Coreworx, each markup layer is stored as a separate vector-based file linked to the original in the Project Repository. Authorized Consolidators can review and consolidate comments from all participants into a single layer for approval and return to the originator.

View Any Document

As part of the Coreworx interface, View and Markup appears as a button next to documents or drawings. The user can open a document in its native application or in the viewer. Regardless of where and when log-on occurs, system users can access information they need, for review and collaboration, without need for the native application. Coreworx View works as a simple plug-in to Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Exceptional Viewing Controls

Exceptional Viewing Controls include zoom, rotate, overlay, quick views, multiple and split windows, thumbnail and preview support, view selection, bird’s eye view, magnifying cursor, layer control, pen table manipulation, and watermark printing.

More Workflow Features

  • Extensive file and file conversion support: for over 250 file types including 2-D and 3-D drawings

  • Calibration and snap functions for take-off measurements on drawing files

  • PDF rendition automatically converts documents and associated markups to PDF for printing, emailing and distribution

  • Individual vector-based markup layers linked to master document

  • Markup from several users can be gathered into one consolidated level

  • Default and Configurable Symbol Libraries and Stamps, for records and control

  • Multiple Markup Features – links, notes, stamps, drawing tools, multiple layers, etc.