Coreworx Connect Collaboration
for Capital Projects

Coreworx Connect

A Controlled Way to Collaborate on Engineering Documents

Coreworx Connect provides a secure hub where project teams can share official data with clients, partners, and contractors for online work activities, without the risks associated with inviting external users inside the company’s network, or copying and emailing project information to outside systems. The streamlined user experience makes Coreworx Connect easy for all parties to start working immediately without training.

Easier Project Collaboration With Less Risk

Coreworx Connect is a new controlled collaboration solution for capital projects. Coreworx Connect offers project teams:

  • Concurrent markup and redlining

  • Work-in-progress versioning and history

  • Easy drag-and-drop transmittals, no burdensome data entry

  • Central lists for team

  • Mobility for field walkabouts

Coreworx Connect Features

Work-in-Progress Document Collaboration

Coreworx Connect lets you create collaboration areas for clients and contractors and populate them with official project documents without losing control of formal revisions. Internal and external participants can check in and check out work-in-progress versions of a document, consolidate mark-up, and submit the result back to document control.

Intelligent Transmittals

Best efforts to support contractors and clients with simple transmittals for project documents often fail and teams are left guessing at submitted files and revisions or use uncontrolled email distributions. Coreworx Connect makes submitting files simple by rendering cumbersome spreadsheets and cover pages optional. And to assist document control even further, Coreworx Connect uses file processing algorithms that quickly match incoming documents to official document revisions. Coreworx Connect distributes outbound transmittals in secure personal areas with email links and single-click package downloads.

Easy File Sharing

Project teams often face hurdles getting contractors and clients to use online collaboration systems for file exchange. Coreworx Connect simplifies the entire process offering drag-and-drop functions and quick comments from any browser or device. In addition, all users can stay in the loop on any changes by subscribing to email notifications.

Versatile Lists

Virtual teams can organize themselves with lists in Coreworx Connect. Lists can be used for informal tasks, discussions, announcements or events. A simple list editor gives teams the ability to create any type of list with easy-to-configure form templates.

Coreworx Connect Collaboration

Coreworx Connect Live Demo

Watch this webinar to learn what ‘controlled collaboration’ is and how it can significantly reduce risks associated with collaborating on engineering documents.

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Break Collaboration Barriers in Major Capital Projects

Do your projects struggle with the scenarios below? If so, Coreworx Connect can help to overcome these hurdles:
  • Design team must mark-up & modify documents with partners, but document controllers need a tight grip on revisions
  • Collaboration apps (e.g. DropBoxTM, or SharePointTM) use document copies from your official project information management system
  • Contractors & suppliers dump large volumes of information on your team without essential data for control
  • Risks associated with mismatched information compromise your project information management policies & practices
  • Verifying & validating information from the collaboration system takes too long
  • Your teams create lists to coordinate and communicate, but they get lost in databases, emails & spreadsheets