Coreworx Workflows

Control & Automate Work Processes

Every construction project has hundreds or even thousands of documents and drawings, most of which must be created, reviewed and approved by multiple internal and external team members. Coreworx Workflow is part of the proven Coreworx Project Information Control solution – a fast, dynamic and secure collaborative platform that helps to keep projects on schedule, contain costs, and control risk by automating industry best practices for information management.

  • Ensure best practice compliance
  • Eliminate project information bottlenecks
  • Keep teams working with accurate data
  • Configure to your project needs
  • See detailed audit trail of activities

Coreworx Workflow Designer

Coreworx Workflow Features

Workflow Designer

Coreworx Workflow starts with a graphical, web-based designer interface where trained users can configure process templates or create entirely new work processes. The easy-to use designer enables you to define participants, actions, and timelines for all tasks and subtasks within a workflow.

Information Control

Specifically designed to meet the needs of engineering and construction projects, Coreworx Workflow automates, tracks, and controls all transmittals, document reviews, change orders, and other project processes. Workflow alerts and task lists ensure that assigned tasks are completed on time.

Reporting & Analysis

Reports and audit trails enable you to find bottlenecks for current processes as well as to quickly determine the actions taken on past work processes.

More Workflow Features

  • Automate typical document work processes

  • Accelerate document submission and routing with Transmittal Management

  • Web-based, secure any-time, anywhere work access

  • Enhanced security and role-based permissions

  • Integrated alerting features ensure work is completed on time

  • Linked eForms streamline information gathering