Coreworx Transmittals

A Record of Project Information Flow

Information transmittals are a critical business process for engineering and construction projects. Team members must have rapid and correct identification of who has seen specific documents or drawings, what version they saw, when they saw it, and what response they issued.

Projects can often involve 500 to 1000 transmittals per month. Transmittal management can be time consuming, particularly when large inbound data packages must be validated and imported into the project document repository. Coreworx Transmittals, part of the Coreworx Project Information Control solution, solves this problem with an efficient automated software platform that is secure, scalable, and auditable.

  • Automate sending and receiving transmittals
  • Eliminate project information bottlenecks
  • Keep teams working with accurate data
  • Configure to your project needs
  • See detailed audit trail of transmittal activities

Coreworx Transmittals

Coreworx Transmittals Features

Industry Best Practice Automation

Coreworx Transmittals use the Coreworx Workflow engine to automate and control inbound and outbound transmittals throughout your project. It includes industry templates and standard work processes, as well as actions, a configurable distribution matrix, automatic import capability and other automations designed to reduce document error, improve project information control, avoid unnecessary costs, and mitigate project risk.

Intelligent Transmittals

When contractors or vendors drop files into your file exchange area without including the descriptive information document controllers need, your team must then consume hours verifying the files against documents and revisions in your document management system. But now, Coreworx ‘intelligent transmittals’ significantly reduces this time by applying machine-driven file identification and metadata loading. Coreworx file processing algorithms quickly match incoming documents to official document revisions and fill in the details of the transmittal cover page for easy processing.

Document Allocation

Document allocation process for defining document identifiers according to project specifications to better manage and control documents.

Document Cart

Auto-save feature ensures the persistence of data in the face of user log-outs and session loss. Users are notified when a new revision is available, when items are missing, or when additional files need to be added.

Controlled Checkout

Administrators can force a checkout location for all users so that check-in can automatically locate the file, ensuring proper checked-in documents. On check-in, the system provides the option to delete the checked-out file and parent directory to prevent the confusing aggregation of historical files.

File History

On check-in a copy of the original is saved. File History archive settings are fully configurable providing a full check in/out history. Prior document versions can be locked to prevent check out, workflow usage or changing of metadata.

More Transmittal Features

  • Industry templates and best practices provide management of transmittals

  • Validation of inbound transmittals ensures no duplicates and valid revisions

  • Preview of inbound transmittals allows users to accept or reject submitted files

  • Configurable role-based distribution matrices quickly establish who should receive documents

  • Email and other alerting functions advise on transmittals and required actions

  • File viewer allows viewing of incoming files of various formats (e.g. dwg) without native format installed

  • Full audit trail capability for all actions within the system

Coreworx Transmittals