Controlled & Time-Driven Document Verification, Review, and Distribution

Coreworx Document Control software helps major engineering and construction projects manage, process, and collaborate on large volumes of project documents and information. This proven software helps reduce information management risk by ensuring teams comply with organizational practices, adhere to quality standards, and gain early insights to potential issues for mitigation.

Coreworx Document Control software includes 25+ years of purpose-built enhancements defined through partnerships with the world’s leading owner/operator and EPC companies. It’s a highly configurable system that meets the unique needs of each project while supporting the overall policies and governance requirements of the entire organization.

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Project Document Volumes Example

Controlling Document Volumes on Engineering and Construction Projects

Coreworx Document Control Software Benefits

  • Ensure Compliance to Policies

    • Automate work processes to project policies
    • Enforce standards for information quality and categorization
    • Permit exceptions without loss of corporate governance
  • Reduce Errors & Rework

    • Ensure information revision control and integrity
    • Control distribution & access to key stakeholders
  • Identify & Mitigate Risk

    • Gain visibility to potential issues
    • Assign and execute corrective actions
  • Improve Team Performance

    • Efficient access to information
    • Enforce time-driven process completion
    • Reduce information processing effort & time
  • Reduce Claims & Resolve Disputes

    • Maintain complete historical database
    • Enable efficient and thorough discovery
Coreworx Document Control Software - External Document Exchange
Document Control Datasheet

Coreworx Document Control Software Features

Coreworx Document Control combines a powerful engineering document management system (EDMS) with automated business processes and advanced collaboration tools.

Coreworx EDMS components include: Engineering DMS | Document Processing | Project Collaboration | Insight & Monitoring | Extend Document Processes (Add-on)

Leverage a document management system designed to control the large volumes of documents on engineering and construction projects. The purpose-built Coreworx EDMS supports document control practices with the following tools.

Engineering Document Management System (EDMS)

  • Controlled Document Repository

    Centrally located & controlled repository for project documents and related information. All documents within the system are reviewed, validated, approved, monitored, and distributed by authorized document control gate keepers.


  • Revision Control

    Thorough revision history of every document. Access the current revision or historical revisions to see details including unique revision-level metadata and files.

  • Metadata & Numbering

    Flexible metadata and numbering configuration features ensure your standard classification policies are supported and applied, ensuring consistent recording, validation, and referencing of all project information.


  • Search

    Full-text and metadata search functionality empower users to find what they need, when they need it, using simple or advanced search functions.

  • Audit History

    Detailed document history related to the management of documents – each audit record includes data revisions, event actions, performers, and dates/times.

  • Web API

    An API that enables developers to integrate your Coreworx solutions with your other existing business and project systems.

Document Processing

Coreworx workflows automate document processes to help ensure all project documents are verified and routed to the right people, document processing bottlenecks can be mitigated, and document deliverables are completed according to agreed upon dates. Configurable out-of-the-box document processes include:

  • Document Allocations

    Allocation tool enables administrators to pre-allocate document numbers for planning, tracking, and sharing, despite the document not being available yet.

  • Inbound Submittals, Verification, & Acceptance

    Automation and support for receiving, validating, classifying, and accepting incoming documents.

  • Review & Approval

    Automated processes for distribution, review, and approval ensure all documents are directed to the attention of authorized subject matter experts based on document classifications, timing, and other policies. Examples: squad check, design review, and document routing.

  • Correspondence

    Features for capturing and recording correspondence, including information about sender, recipients, and return dates.


  • Outbound Transmittals

    Automation and support for collection, organization, validation, and distribution of outgoing documents.

  • Handover

    Tools for collection, output, and formatting of information packages for handover to clients.

  • Packages

    Versatile packaging provides functionality enabling planning, developing, approving, issuing, and tracking completion of project work.

Project Collaboration

Coreworx project collaboration software provides a secure hub where project teams can share official data with clients, partners, and contractors for online work activities, without the risks associated with inviting external users inside the company’s network, or copying and emailing project information to outside systems. The streamlined user experience makes it easy for all parties to start working immediately without training.

  • Secure File Exchange

    Easy-to-use file exchange area where authorized internal and external users can share project documents. The file exchange accepts large files, acknowledges receipt of files, and ensures files are tethered to the official project document source.

  • File Viewing

    File viewing tool enables team members to easily view all project files in numerous file formats without requiring specific proprietary software to view each of the file types.

  • Working Folders

    Easy-to-use collaboration tools that allow teams to share and collaborate on work-in-progress files in a secure and controlled location. Files shared from the repository to the collaboration area maintain a continuous tether back to the official document repository.


  • Collaboration Lists

    A simple list editor gives teams the ability to create any type of list with easy-to-configure form templates. Teams can create official lists that can be shared across teams to help improve visibility and alignment.

  • Forums, Feeds, Links, Calendars, & Contacts

    Reference library for project teams to keep important information and informal discussions.

Insight & Monitoring

Track document processes and gain actionable insights to potential issues for early intervention. Coreworx Document Control provides teams the ability to see high-level status of processes and drill-down into details to determine cause of issues for resolution.

  • Dashboards and Reports

    Real-time summary and KPI reports provide transparency, accountability, and actionable insights on document information, workflow progress, and user activities. Drill-down reports enable users to access a high-level view and drill down to underlying details.


  • Notifications and Alerts

    Automated & event-driven alerts notify users when specified activities occur, potential issues arise, or auto-escalation dates and times have been reached.

  • Actioning and Expediting

    Reports and workflow tools provide team members with full transparency to progress for manual action, while automation provides the ability to automate actions based on rules, such as auto-assigning a task to a different person when the task is past due.

  • Document History

    Detailed document history provides users with information to help troubleshoot issues, take corrective action, and/or avoid future issues, such as claims.

  • Delivery Tracking

    Tools to help ensure documents meet milestones and timelines. Actual document dates can be checked against planned document dates to highlight discrepancies.

Extended Document Processes (Add-Ons)

Extend your Document Control Software to other project information processes.

  • Project Change Request (PCR)

    Formal review and approval of project changes to ensure all stakeholders are notified and prevent execution of field activities without prior authorization.

    Learn More About Change Management


  • Request for Information (RFI) / Technical Query

    Structured request and response process to help ensure authorized subject matter experts provide answers to technical queries according to defined deadlines.

    Learn More About RFI


  • Action Item Process

    Central list of team action items that include due dates, assigned responsible parties, follow-up, audit trail, and recording in history of the activities.

The EPC Document Tsunami on Megaprojects

See how you can make document processing easier for both document controllers and suppliers while protecting the quality of project information at the same time.

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