Project Information
and Document Control

Coreworx Project Information Control for Capital Projects

Manage all project documents, information, and processes in one place

Meet the information management demands of your capital project with confidence. Coreworx Project Information Control (PIC) is built to help you mitigate risk, improve project collaboration, and comply with information management regulations.

Each Coreworx solution runs on an enterprise-class platform that includes a document management system, workflow engine, and web-based collaboration tools – all of which are set-up based on industry best practices for specific work processes, but can be easily configured to meet the unique needs of any project.

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Manage Project Information Risks

Use Project Information Control (PIC) to mitigate information risk.
  • One Source

    Centrally manage all project information

  • Process Compliance

    Keep all team members aligned to best practices & processes

  • Version Control

    Keep teams working with accurate data

  • Early Warning

    Gain early insight into project issues

Coreworx Project Information Management Solutions

Coreworx Project Information Control (PIC) Features

We’ve done the work for you. Leverage our best practice document management tools to complete your next capital project efficiently and securely.

Design Review & Approval

Leverage automated business processes using Coreworx workflows to select resources, assign tasks, and route documents for review and approval to improve efficiency and consistency. Use industry best practice to track and audit document activities across internal and external review participants.

Transmittals and Vendor Portal

Provide external participants, such as vendors, a secure portal for project collaboration that supports the inbound and outbound transmittals and associated document control processes. Drastically reduce time, effort and risk through tightly integrated, automated, auditable processes.

Document Viewer & Markup

The view and markup tool enables project members to review and collaborate on everything from MS Office documents to 2D and 3D CAD drawings without requiring native applications.

Management Dashboard & Reporting

Ensure visibility and accountability across projects with real-time data reporting on document access, workflows and user activity.

Coreworx Packages

There are many critical applications of packaging in engineering and construction projects, from the early planning stage to handover of the built asset. versatile packaging provides functionality enabling you to plan, develop, approve, issue, and track completion of project work. Coreworx excellence in project information management makes this capability unique in the industry.

Coreworx Connect Collaboration for Projects

Coreworx Connect is a secure hub where project teams can share official data with clients, partners, and contractors for online work activities, without the risks associated with inviting external users inside the company’s network, or copying and emailing project information to outside systems. The solution’s streamlined user experience makes it easy for all parties to start working immediately without training.

Integrate with Project Ecosystem

Integrate with existing systems and applications using the Coreworx API

Meta & Full Text Search

Empower users to find what they need, when they need it using simple or attribute-based search functions across the entire project.

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Controlled Collaboration for Projects

Join us online Sept 10 to learn what controlled collaboration is and how it can significantly reduce risks associated with collaborating on engineering documents.

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