Improving Project Outcomes with
Interface Management | Case Study

Project Interface Management: Improving Project Outcomes

Project Interface Management: Improving Project Success is a case study that examines how a ‘failed’ project could have been successful if it had implemented the interface management discipline.

Specifically, this case study examines how the assembly of a gas turbine generator (GTG) package was completely derailed by the mismanagement of interface dependencies within that project’s scope. As a result, the construction and launch of an offshore platform went grossly over time and budget and ended up costing the owner hundreds of millions of dollars in lost production revenue.

This study also identifies how the following project interface management steps could have been applied to this project in order to reach successful completion of the GTG package, as well as the offshore platform project as a whole:

  • Defining the Project Scope for the GTG
  • Identifying Stakeholders
  • Identifying Stakeholder Responsibilities
  • Identifying All Interfaces and Interface Attributes
  • Identifying Interface Risks
  • Building the Interface Management (IM) Matrix
  • Creating the Communication Matrix
  • Identifying the Interface Management Team Structure
  • Following the Interface Management Master Plan
  • Defining the Interface Register and Key Interface Milestones

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