Coreworx Interface Management
CIM Express

CIM Express: Fast-Track Your Interface Management Program

CIM (Coreworx Interface Management) Express is the quickest and easiest way to implement Interface Management and start managing your project interfaces. CIM Express runs in a secure, hosted environment where the configurable system is accessible via the Internet. Your CIM Express project will be ready to use within days of activation – best practices are implemented on set-up and project configuration is simple and easy. Once launched, users can quickly access the user-friendly system from any place in the world via their web browser and an Internet connection.

Interface Management is a proven discipline used to mitigate project risk through the effective management of interfaces between the major contracting parties on large, complex capital projects. Using CIM Express, project interfaces are managed in a structured, accountable manner through information sharing, collaboration, and stewardship.

Benefits of CIM Express

  • Proven interface management system used by the world’s biggest and most complex projects

  • Best practice work processes that enforce compliance and project governance

  • Total project transparency and oversight to mitigate interface-related risks

  • Notifications and defined distribution that ensures all stakeholders are kept informed

  • Early warning indicators sent through automated alerts and escalation

  • A framework for consistent, cross-functional communication and collaboration

  • Tools to help maintain stakeholder ownership and accountability

  • A collaborative system accessible by all project members from any global location

Deploy Interface Management at Any Project Phase

CIM Express can be deployed at any phase in the project lifcycle and offers benefits for each stage.

Deploy CIM Express at any point in the project life cycle

CIM Express Hosted Environment

  • Secure and reliable hosting via top-rated data centers
  • Monitored and backed-up environment
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Configurable project and user roles

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