Coreworx Interface Management
for Capital Projects

Minimize Interface Risks on Capital Projects

Engineering and construction projects must manage interfaces between different work packages, disciplines, and people (e.g. EPCs, contractors, business units, teams, PMT, suppliers, etc.) in order to complete their projects successfully.

Interfaces require proactive and consistent control, otherwise, project risk accelerates and the potential for project delays, cost overruns, and other negative outcomes increase.

Coreworx Interface Management helps projects get control of their project interfaces through a defined process that identifies interfaces, defines what they are and who is responsible, and assists in their management until close out.

Manage Interface Risks

Coreworx Interface Management helps to
mitigate cost and schedule risk:


    Identify gaps and overlap in contractor scope ahead of time


    Increase visibility to interface agreements improves performance


    Clearly define scope
    Identify & resolve potential change early


    Identify engineering and construction clashes early
    Improve notification of changes to key activities

Interface Management - Interface Agreement Early Warning Report

Coreworx Interface Management Features

Coreworx Interface Management provides best practice interface management tools through a web-based solution. Coreworx Interface Management is built on years of hands-on experience, industry research, and client insights.

Interface Management - Interface Trend Report

Management Dashboards & Reports

Improve Project Oversight & Risk Mitigation

Coreworx Interface Management is loaded with dashboards and out-of-the-box reports. Teams can monitor scope, schedule, and quality metrics for interfaces. Issues, such as, schedule slippage, are revealed quickly for mitigation before they become critical.

Interface Management - Work Schedule Impact Report

Work Schedule Impact

highlight discrepancies between interfaces & schedule

Teams can use the Work Schedule Discrepancy and Exception reports to quickly identify potential schedule impact by interface activities. They can also highlight discrepancies between those activities tracked and managed within your schedule and those tracked within Coreworx Interface Management.

Coreworx Audit and Discovery

Simplified Audit & Discovery

search one source for all interface information

Significantly reduce time for discovery with audit tools that search your one source of interface information and provide detailed reports on all activities/documents associated with interfaces.

Interface Register

get the right revision at any time from any place

In Coreworx, updates to the Interface Register can be made from anywhere in the world. This ensures accurate and timely interface information is always available to the project team.

Coreworx Interface Management fully integrates with the Coreworx document management system. This integration ensures technical project documentation and interface documents are linked, thus ensuring all parties work from correct revisions.

Interface Management - Interface Agreement Status Report

Deploy Interface Management at Any Project Phase

Coreworx Interface Management can be deployed at any phase in the project lifcycle and offers benefits for each stage.

Deploy Coreworx Interface Management at any point in the project life cycle

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IM Smartcheck - Start or Optimize Your Interface Management Program

Whether interface management is a new concept to you or you already have an IM program in place, Coreworx IM SmartCheck can help you gain a better understanding of the IM practice and identify how to implement or optimize your program for the best results.