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Enterprise Software Solutions for the Most Complex & High-Risk Projects

Coreworx Interface Management for Capital Projects


Facilitate communication between contracting parties on a project.

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Coreworx Project Information Control


Control all project information, documents, & processes in one place

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Coreworx Change Management


Implement time-sensitive changes transparently & with confidence.

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Coreworx Contract Management for Capital Projects


Manage & track contracts throughout the entire project lifecycle.

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Request for Information (RFI)

Streamline communication & information flow to subject matter experts.
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Coreworx Deliverables Management


Ensure document deliverables meet time & quality expectations.

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The Coreworx Difference

Coreworx solutions are purpose-built to reflect the needs of engineering and construction projects based on rich customer experience and extensive industry research.

Coreworx for Owners

Owner-operators involved in engineering and construction projects rely on Project Information Management Solutions to meet the challenge of managing many projects simultaneously. In the present economic climate, projects are under intense scrutiny. With tighter budgets, over-taxed resources and heightened sensitivity to risk, owner-operators are looking to Coreworx’ proven Project Information Control to enable effective collaboration, mitigate risk, and speed time to market.

Addressing the needs of meeting contractually obligated document review times across multiple projects drives a need for control and automation of project content processes. Ensuring accurate and complete as-built documentation at handover/startup can become a critical issue especially when dealing with multiple EPCs and other contractors.

Coreworx offers owner-operators the ability to take control of their project content and drive project success and increased ROI.



Coreworx for EPCs

Leading Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC contractor) companies use Coreworx solutions to automate project processes, enhance control over engineering and other project content, and improve project performance. Coreworx has functionality, including collaboration, document control, workflow, interface management and other project-specific modules that are tailored to the way projects are handled by EPCs.

Coreworx enables EPCs to improve control over all of the project content throughout the design, construction and handover phases. Communication and interaction with clients, suppliers, and subcontractors is enhanced, structured, and auditable.

For Engineering, Procurement, and Construction contractors, Coreworx drives the ability to get projects done more rapidly, with fewer errors and conflicts, while greatly mitigating commercial risks related to managing project information.