IM SmartCheck Program

Start or Optimize Your Interface Management Program

Interface management is a proven management practice used to identify and mitigate project risks (e.g. engineering & construction capital projects) through the effective management of interfaces and collaboration between major stakeholders on a project.

The Coreworx Smartcheck program offers project practitioners a way to assess the interface management practice for use on their project or enables them to audit their current process to ensure it is delivering optimal results to the project.

Coreworx SmartCheck Program

Whether interface management is a new concept to you or you already have an IM program in place, Coreworx IM SmartCheck can help you gain a better understanding of the IM practice and identy how to implement or optimize your program for the best results.

Coreworx Interface Management SmartCheck ProgramThe Coreworx IM SmartCheck program is a 2-day workshop designed to help project professionals assess their IM program and ensure they achieve maximum benefits from interface management. Based on industry experience and Construction Industry Institute (CII) tools, the IM SmartCheck program will:

  • Provide a comprehensive knowledge of interface management
  • Analyze existing management practices and identify challenges
    Benchmark against industry best practice for IM
  • Identify the required IM maturity level for successful project execution
  • Recommend a go-forward strategy based on gap analysis

Workshop Benefits

  • Gain in-depth knowledge on interface management best practice

  • Identify current challenges by benchmarking against IM best practice

  • Analyze recommended IM requirements using quantitative and qualitative assessment

  • Develop a go-forward strategy that meets corporate and project IM needs

Workshop Tailored to Your Program

Each workshop will be tailored to the organization’s needs. For those new to interface management, workshops will focus more on training and identifying the correct approach for successful IM implementation. For organizations already using an IM program, workshops will focus on analyzing the current interface management program and identify challenges through benchmarking against best practice.

The Coreworx Interface Management SmartCheck Approach covers 3 phases:

Coreworx SmartCheck Approach

Download IM SmartCheck Datasheet