Contract Management
for Capital Projects

Compliance to project policies. Insight to project risk.

Contract Management is a communications platform made to improve your management and execution of contract information and processes. Gain insight to better manage contract risk and improve visibility all the way to contract close out.

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Mitigate Cost & Schedule Risks

Coreworx Contract Management will enable projects to mitigate cost and schedule risk by helping to:
  • Avoid Claims & Settlements

    Build historical database for supporting claims or litigation
    Manage contractual notices & follow up on timed basis

  • Manage Growth & Leakage

    Clear scope definition
    Early identification & resolution of potential change

  • Measure Business Performance

    See progress vs. planned
    Contractor performance history, lessons learned

  • Closing Out

    Reduce cost of extended activities
    Avoid opportunistic behaviour of contractors

Coreworx Contract Management Summary Report

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Award contracts

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Track delivery to committments

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Control information &

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Report status &

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“During my 15 years as Global Functional Leader, I never found a contract management tool designed specifically for projects that offered the level of functionality we truly needed.

It was exciting to be given unrestricted authority and support by Coreworx to incorporate my lifetime of experiences into the development of a truly effective contract management system, and in doing so, fill a much needed gap in improving project performance at all levels.”

Ian Foster, former Contract Management Global Functional Leader (GFL) for a leading international EPC

Coreworx Contract Management Features

The ultimate contract management solution for engineering & construction projects, from planning to close out.

Award Contracts Faster

Today’s projects make time-driven contract award the norm. Coreworx dramatically shrinks the time required to plan, assemble and track development of a scope of work with hundreds of documents and detailed quantities.

Time-driven automation with workflow streamlines and controls the evaluation process and integrated alerts keep everyone informed and on task.


Track Contract Activities

The diligence required to track commitments to clients and manage deliverables from contractors is extraordinary. The central contract administration work area gives you a 360 degree view to all contract activities and deliverables for extraordinary control and visibility. A single click lets you generate correspondence, search for information or respond to requests.

Control Communications & Change

Engineering & contruction projects require an enormous amount of communication and ability to adapt to change. Each information exchange carries inherent risk, demanding a high level of discipline and control. From transmittals to technical queries and change requests, Coreworx consistently captures, validates and distributes information to ensure integrity of your practices. The historical database logs every interaction and artifact from clients, partners, suppliers and bidders.

Contract Change Request

Report on Contracts

The project team needs accurate and timely information at their fingertips to make the right decisions. Coreworx provides dashboards and reports for contracts that measure planned versus actual values, monitor team and contractor performance, and identify trends that represent project risk. Drill down from red flags to contract artifacts to mitigate issues or bubble up contract information to projects and programs.

Coreworx Contract Management Reporting

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Learn More About Coreworx Contract Management

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“Companies need to get with the times when it comes to managing project contracts and information”
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Webinar Series

Top features you must have in a contract management solution for projects – includes pre-award & post-award functions
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