Coreworx Webinar:
A Controlled Way to Collaborate on Engineering Documents

Coreworx Controlled Collaboration Webinar

This webinar demonstrates new Coreworx features that vastly improve how teams collaborate and process engineering documents. During the video, viewers will see how these innovative solutions will help projects gain control of collaboration activities while, at the same time, increasing stakeholder adoption via easy-to-use tools designed to simplify the processing experience for clients, contractors, and suppliers. 

See how easy it is to exchange, version, and mark up documents, as well as new intelligent features designed to make it easier for document controllers to verify and accept new and revised documents from the collaboration hub.

This webinar demonstrates how Coreworx can help your project/organization:

  • Avoid the risks of copying or sharing documents outside of the controlled system for collaboration
  • Lower the barriers clients or suppliers face when picking up or dropping off information
  • Improve document control process compliance across the project team and external parties
  • Save time verifying and processing submitted engineering documents

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