Project Interface Management – Book & Webinar

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Project Interface Management Webinar

A webinar discussing the new interface management guide book with book authors & interface management experts. Lessons learned from project experience An explanation on why early planning is important and tips on how projects can get started Proven tools and techniques to help your interface management program succeed Summary of extensive webinar Q&A Managing complex major projects to successful completion … Read More

Key Interface Management Features for Contractors Q&A

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Sara Simpson, Process Engineer and Engineering Manager at AECOM, was our guest industry expert during part one of our webinar series, Interface Management for Owners, Contractors, and the Project Management Team. Sara Simpson, PE, MBA Process Engineer and Engineering Manager at AECOM (formerly URS) Kelly Maloney Senior Product Manager, Coreworx Interface Management Together, Sara and Kelly discussed a contractor’s interface management … Read More

Interface Management for Owners, Contractors, and the Project Management Team – Webinar Series

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The Coreworx Interface Management solution offers many features and functions to help solve challenges associated with managing interfaces in engineering and construction projects. Each feature is designed with a specific use, and user, in mind. To highlight the top key features designed for the different stakeholder roles associated with interface management, we hosted a series of webinars that focused on … Read More

Ask the Project Expert Webinar Series

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Ask the Project Expert series: Indispensable Project Practices, An Owner’s Perspective This online webinar offers real-world stories from Alan Kendall, a project manager who implemented standard practices and processes across oil & gas projects to help mitigate risk and improve performance on those projects. Alan will describe some of the challenges he has experienced implementing change, risk, and interface management … Read More

Effective Project Information Management in SAGD Oil Sands Projects – Part 2

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**View the On-Demand Webinar: Click Here** Oil sands projects continue to grow in scope and complexity. The average oil sands project is well over $1 billion with several projects approaching $10 billion. On large-scale projects, easy access to up-to-date data is critical for achieving project success and meeting  the triple constraints of cost, schedule, and scope, as well as the  … Read More

Effective Project Information Management in SAGD Oil Sands Projects – Part 1

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**View the On-demand Webinar: Click Here** SAGD Oil sands projects face environments of evolving technology, constant change, and significant regulatory oversight. These challenges drive the need for increased efficiencies in managing deliverables, processes, and stakeholder communications. While project management practices have advanced significantly, oil sands projects continue to face industry challenges in information management that impact everything from drilling, water … Read More