Project Interface Management – Book & Webinar

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Project Interface Management Webinar

A webinar discussing the new interface management guide book with book authors & interface management experts. Lessons learned from project experience An explanation on why early planning is important and tips on how projects can get started Proven tools and techniques to help your interface management program succeed Summary of extensive webinar Q&A Managing complex major projects to successful completion … Read More

Overcome Poor Communications that Lead to Design Conflicts

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Coreworx Interface Management Helps Overcome Project Design Conflicts

Studies have indicated that ineffective communication has a negative impact on project execution. In fact, studies have shown ineffective communication to be a primary contributor for project failures 1/3 of the time and had a negative impact on project success more than half the time. ( And although these data points aren’t news to project professionals, managing communications has remained … Read More

Things to Consider When Choosing a Project Information Control System

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Five things to consider before choosing a project information management system

Major capital projects face many hurdles and managing information on those projects is key to delivering a project on time and on budget. For organizations starting with no information management solution, they will often consider building their own system starting with tools such as SharePoint. And although this type of a tool can offer quick benefits in helping teams collaborate … Read More

Coreworx or SharePoint for Engineering & Construction Projects

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Coreworx or Sharepoint for Capital Projects?

‘Why would we buy a Coreworx solution when we could manage our project information in a custom SharePoint site?’ We get asked this questions a lot! So, to answer, we put together 5 points why Coreworx is the better choice for managing your information and processes on your engineering and construction projects.

Poor Communication Leads to Project Failure One Third of the Time

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Poor Communication Leads to Project Failure One Third of the Time

A study conducted by the Project Management Institute (PMI) revealed that ineffective communication had a negative impact on successful project execution. Surprising? Well, not really. And this problem still holds true today. Likely anyone ever involved in a project of any size knows this basic fact. What may surprise you is the number of projects still lacking effective communications management … Read More

How effective are your interface management strategies? Find out at the Interface Management Conference this month…..

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If you’re a project manager, you’ll be able to relate –  the larger the project becomes, the more difficult it is to deliver on all the promises made at the time of initial investment. With multiple contracting parties involved, communication becomes strained and projects have a tendency to run over and incur greater costs. Ultimately, these delays mean further costs … Read More

Coreworx Software selected by Emerson as a Key Enabler of Project Certainty

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Emerson continues to roll-out Coreworx project information management solutions Houston, Texas (September 15, 2016): Coreworx announced today that Emerson is deploying Coreworx information management solutions (i.e. Coreworx Project Information Control, Coreworx RFI, and Coreworx API). Coreworx was selected by Emerson to support the information management needs of their Project Certainty program – an innovative technology and engineering-based approach for improved capital efficiency and … Read More

How to Survive the Great Crew Change

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With all of the downsizing going on in the oil and gas sectors, it might be hard to believe that new skilled workers aren’t entering the workforce fast enough to meet the industry’s needs. As Bloomberg reported earlier this month, “Everybody that’s going through the process of downsizing their business right now is faced with this extra complication…Decisions that get made right … Read More