Project Interface Management – Book & Webinar

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Project Interface Management Book and Webinar

A new interface management guide book & live webinar with the interface management experts. Managing complex major projects to successful completion is a monumental challenge that project practitioners struggle with. These mega projects include incredible system integration complexities that often require teams hailing from different organizations who may be stationed worldwide to collaborate effectively in order to ensure safe completion … Read More

RFI Does Not Equal Interface Management

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RFI or Interface Management - which one to use on your capital project?

At Coreworx, we often get asked, what’s the difference between request for information (RFI) and interface management (IM)? At first glance, these business processes seem similar, both help to manage significant risk to projects by facilitating communication and information exchange, but each one performs their own unique project-critical role. So, what sets them apart? The answer to this can be … Read More

Major Chemical Company Signs Agreement for Coreworx Interface Management

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Major Chemical Processing Owner Chooses Coreworx Interface Management

Houston, Texas (April 19, 2018): Coreworx Inc. (“Coreworx”) announced today that a major chemical company has selected Coreworx Interface Management for their upcoming expansion project at one of their existing polyethylene facilities. John Gillberry, Coreworx CEO, stated, “This company is a leader within their industry with a proven track record delivering projects of this nature. They pursue only the best results when executing … Read More

Demos at Downstream Conference

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See us at the Downstream Conference 2018

If you’re attending the Downstream Conference and Exhibition on May 31 – June 1, 2018, be sure to visit Coreworx. We will be in Booth D14 and also have a dedicated demo room – the Helm Room which is located right off the exhibition floor. Some other places you can see Coreworx at Downstream include: Day 2 at 11:25am – KEYNOTE PANEL: Project Execution … Read More

2018 Project Goals – Overcome Poor Communications that Lead to Project Failure

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In our first article on poor communications, we looked at studies indicating that ineffective communication had a negative impact on project execution. In fact, ineffective communication was a primary contributor for project failures 1/3 of the time and had a negative impact on project success more than half the time. ( Since that initial article was posted in May of 2013, managing communications … Read More