Engineered Equipment Suppliers Leverage Coreworx Solutions

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Engineered Equipment Suppliers User Coreworx

In addition to EPCs and owners reaping the benefits of Coreworx project information management solutions, engineered equipment suppliers are also leveraging Coreworx solutions to improve the delivery of information to their clients. Document Deliverable Delays Can Result In Considerable Costs It is a known fact that a project cannot close nor can a plant be brought into production if the … Read More

Things to Consider When Choosing a Project Information Control System

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Five things to consider before choosing a project information management system

Major capital projects face many hurdles and managing information on those projects is key to delivering a project on time and on budget. For organizations starting with no information management solution, they will often consider building their own system starting with tools such as SharePoint. And although this type of a tool can offer quick benefits in helping teams collaborate … Read More

Coreworx Release 8 Makes Project Collaboration Easier With Less Risk

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Coreworx Connect Collaboration

Houston, Texas (June 29, 2018): – Coreworx Inc. (“Coreworx”), a global leader in project information management (PIM) solutions, announced today the availability of Coreworx Product Suite Release 8 (Coreworx R8). Coreworx R8 introduces Coreworx Connect, a new controlled collaboration solution for capital projects. The Coreworx Connect solution provides a secure hub where project teams can share official data with clients, … Read More

A Turnover Solution for Pipeline Projects

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Coreworx Turnover Solution

Managing documents and information for a single pipeline is challenging in itself, but companies must manage this information for numerous pipeline projects. This results in an unwieldly number of hard and soft copy field documents to consolidate and verify for turn over and project close out. The Challenges Challenges of managing field documents include: Pipeline field documents are both paper … Read More

Coreworx or SharePoint for Engineering & Construction Projects

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Coreworx or Sharepoint for Capital Projects?

‘Why would we buy a Coreworx solution when we could manage our project information in a custom SharePoint site?’ We get asked this questions a lot! So, to answer, we put together 5 points why Coreworx is the better choice for managing your information and processes on your engineering and construction projects.

Emerson Expands Capabilities to Manage Information in Complex Projects with Coreworx Software

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Engineered Equipment Solutions

Emerson upgrades Coreworx project information management solutions with latest version and more licenses Houston, Texas (April 26, 2017): Coreworx announced today that Emerson is continuing the next phase of their Coreworx information management solution expansion with the purchase of additional licenses. In addition to adding users, Emerson will also upgrade their system to the newest Coreworx release which will offer new and enhanced … Read More

Coreworx Software selected by Emerson as a Key Enabler of Project Certainty

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Emerson continues to roll-out Coreworx project information management solutions Houston, Texas (September 15, 2016): Coreworx announced today that Emerson is deploying Coreworx information management solutions (i.e. Coreworx Project Information Control, Coreworx RFI, and Coreworx API). Coreworx was selected by Emerson to support the information management needs of their Project Certainty program – an innovative technology and engineering-based approach for improved capital efficiency and … Read More

Effective Contract Management in Engineering and Construction Projects: Pre-Award to Post-Award Blog Post

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There are many reasons for implementing an efficient and automated contract management system on your next engineering or construction project. First and foremost, “Effective contract management can ultimately create a powerful business relationship and pave the road to greater profitability over the long-term.” 1 Relationships aside, there are some important business issues that need to be addressed too. Hiring experienced professionals … Read More

How to Survive the Great Crew Change

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With all of the downsizing going on in the oil and gas sectors, it might be hard to believe that new skilled workers aren’t entering the workforce fast enough to meet the industry’s needs. As Bloomberg reported earlier this month, “Everybody that’s going through the process of downsizing their business right now is faced with this extra complication…Decisions that get made right … Read More

Project Excellence in Houston April 21

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Some of our clients as well as other expert project practitioners from leading oil & gas, petrochemical, and engineering companies shared experiences and thought leadership on issues related to project execution. Some of the topics and presenters included: • Gulf of Mexico Industry Outlook from Trey Hamblet and Chris Paschall of Industrial Info Resources (IIR) • Document Management as a Key … Read More