Key Construction Tech Trends Include Interface Management

Recently, Petrochemical Update posted an article highlighting a discussion with Dr. Carl T. Haas Department Chair, Professor, Canada Research Chair at the University of Waterloo & President of the International Association for Automation and Robotics in Construction. In the article, Dr. Haas discusses existing technologies and concepts companies and projects are using with success to “boost productivity, streamline project management, ultimately reduce costs, and enhance quality and safety.”

In his list of key technologies, Dr. Hass highlights interface management and the part it plays within collaborative design. Interface management helps complex projects manage the substantial risks associated with numerous stakeholders participating on the project and the interfaces between these stakeholders. The article explains, “Managing interfaces has become feasible with the advent of internet and electronic product and process-management systems to the extent that full-time interface-management (IM) positions exist in practice.”

“It is an interesting thing where the contracting strategies that balance the risk and create trust and partnerships are combining with the technology that is allowing us to communicate remotely and communicate effectively finally and then the management of workflow best practices like Interface management coming to fruition,” Haas said. “That combination is really coming together to improve execution.”

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