Houston, Texas (March 9, 2017): Coreworx Inc. (“Coreworx” or the “Company”), a global leader in project information management (PIM) solutions, announced last Tuesday that the Coreworx Product Suite Release 7.1, the latest versions of their fully integrated Coreworx suite of software products, is now available.

Coreworx Product Suite Release 7.1 introduces new functionality for integrated packaging to transform traditional work processes in engineering and construction projects. Integrated packaging ensures the complete set of documents and data for a scope of work is available to stakeholders from planning through to handover. Linked to the project schedule, integrated packages let you track and measure progress while ensuring all information is managed and shared in compliance with project policies.

“Project teams are getting stronger performance by linking packages and associated workflow processes to the project schedule,” said John Gilberry, CEO of Coreworx. “Coreworx Release 7.1 gives them a new level of control over this information.”

Another key improvement in this release of the Coreworx suite of software products is the built-in link between the essential practices of interface management and contract management. This integration helps project professionals secure alignment and commitment between contract deliverables and interface items. This connection will vastly improve the comprehensive, real-time information available to project managers for improved risk mitigation.

Other features debuting in the Coreworx Product Suite Release 7.1  include:

  • Internationalization and language support
  • Action items for punch list control
  • Enhanced search technology
  • An integrated supplier database and more

For more information on the Coreworx Software Product Suite, visit www.coreworx.com.


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