Part 2 of : Coreworx Introduces: A Controlled Way to Collaborate on Engineering Documents

In our first blog of this series, we introduced some new tools Coreworx provides project team members and doc controllers who need to collaborate on and control engineering documents. This article looks at the concept of controlled collaboration – a new solution that gives projects a safety harness when collaborating on engineering documents.  

Major capital projects require owners and contractors to work as an integrated team to deliver handover of a safe operating asset, on time and on budget.

This demands collaboration, most often in the form of sharing documents. Unfortunately, today’s project teams are doing this with intensive email exchanges and scattered document copies in many different places, too often resulting in someone getting an incorrect revision or missing information altogether. Just one of these unfortunate events can result in massive claims or delays for rework.

Controlled Collaboration to the Rescue

Enter controlled collaboration - a concept that allows authorized users to:

a) create easy-to-use online collaboration areas where clients, contractors, and any other project stakeholders can access project documents - both internal and external to your organization

(and, here’s the bonus)

b) keep these shared documents tethered by a ‘safety harness’ that maintains a constant connection to the official document repository

Collaboration areas can be populated with official project documents from the controlled repository or team members can easily upload and share ‘new’ documents for the team and controllers via this hub as well.

Reduce Collaboration Risks

Controlled collaboration means you can stop making copies of official documents to share outside of your document system via generic sharing sites or using email. Keeping the documents tethered to your DMS means you won't lose control of formal revisions, nor will you lose the audit history associated with document collaboration. Internal and external participants can check-in and check-out work-in-progress versions of a document, consolidate mark-up, and when they submit completed work back to document control, the system will already know where that document gets stored.

Features you get via the controlled collaboration area include:

  • Authorized project users can share files from official repository to collaboration area where project team members can then check them out to work on
  • Files are easily shared to collaboration area from DMS via drag & drop
  • Team members can concurrently markup files (markups saved to separate layers) via the hub and all markup information is saved with the file and recorded back to your document repository
  • Completed work gets submit to document control and their processing time is reduced because the system knows where in the DMS the documents are tethered
  • Processing effort of documents uploaded to the collaboration hub from outside the DMS is considerably reduced by intelligent transmittals.

Controlled Collaboration Demo Webinar

If you would like to see controlled collaboration in action, watch our recorded webinar that demonstrates this new Coreworx feature and others. To access the recording, visit: Coreworx Introduces - A Controlled Way to Collaborate on Engineering Documents

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