Mining – Project Information Control for Mining Projects


Offering easy-to-deploy, project information control, Coreworx provides a scalable, project focused, point of interaction for both internal and external parties in the mining industry. Critical information is seamlessly exchanged in a secure and auditable manner. Content review and approval cycle times are reduced leading to improved efficiencies and significant savings over the life of any project.

Coreworx clients from the mining industry rely on Coreworx to securely manage complex document transactions, provide project teams with the most up-to-date information, and register detailed audit trails that help to mitigate risk in a fierce regulatory environment.

Power Engineering and Construction Projects

Coreworx Benefits for Mining

Ensure Process Compliance

To maximize control and compliance, Coreworx solutions apply automated workflow processes. The workflows capture data in electronic forms and deliver work assignments to authorized participants using an online inbox and email notifications. The electronic forms validate each participant’s input to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Eliminate Information Bottlenecks

Insight into each information-related process that takes place in a project enables project managers to easily identify any ‘bottle necks’ that occur and take appropriate action to resolve these issues so progress can continue.

Achieve Single Source of Truth

One central collaboration platform that applies consistent processes will ensures all involved parties have access to the correct information at the correct time. In addition, powerful integration tools enable secure exchange of process data and documents with other applications, such as work orders in asset management systems or cost data in financial systems. An integrated system allows for a complete and accurate representation of project status and health.

Gain Valuable Insight

Coreworx solutions capture key data and display it in easy to understand reports. The reports show many aspects of project status, progress, and trends. You can specify filters for the reports to show a subset of data, or view a personal dashboard where reports offer interactive functionality including the ability to drill-down to more detailed levels of data.

Simplify Audit and Discovery

Significantly reduce time for discovery with audit tools that search your one source of contract truth and provide detailed reports on all activities and documents associated with that contract.

Coreworx for
Mining Projects

  • Mine Engineering
  • Metallurgy and Mineral Processing
  • Geology
  • Oil Sands Mining
  • Mining Processing
  • Metals Processing
  • Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical

Coreworx Application Examples

  • Greenfield projects
  • Brownfield projects
  • Operations Projects
  • Closure

Coreworx Users

  • Owner/Operators
  • EPCs
  • Project Managers
  • Interface Managers
  • General Contractors

Manage All Processes from One System

Coreworx offers a comprehensive suite of web-based software products that address critical information management processes for engineering and construction projects in the mining industry. All Coreworx solutions run on an enterprise-class platform that includes a document management system, a highly configurable workflow engine, and web-based collaboration tools.

Project Information

Manage all project information and processes in one central location


Ensure successful collaboration between contracting parties

Contract Management

Efficiently manage all pre-award and post-award engineering & construction contracting activities


Ensure all project team members comply with established regulatory processes at all times

Management of Change

Gain control over any changes to your facilities and ensure compliance

Automate Best Practices

Automate proven project information management best practices to mitigate risk and improve performance throughout the entire project life cycle

The Coreworx Advantage

In-depth Understanding of Engineering & Construction Projects

Coreworx software solutions focus on the information management needs of engineering and construction. Coreworx software solutions are built to automate proven industry best practices and synchronize data management processes, with all functionality based on industry research and customer experience.

Out-of-the-Box Work Processes

Quickly configure Coreworx software and gain user adoption through out-of-the-box work processes that were designed around best practices for managing engineering and construction projects and also align to your current standard operating procedures.

Highly Configurable = Less Costly Customizations

Coreworx combines tools built on industry best practices with the ability to configure most system components to fit your project’s specific needs – both of these items ensure quick implementation times and fewer costs associated with customizations.

Secure Web-based Solution

Coreworx software runs in a secure, web-based environment on-site or in the cloud and can be accessed by authorized users any place in the world via a web browser and an internet connection. Enterprise class ensures scalability and performance.

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