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Coreworx Change Metrics Dashboard Report

Control growth.
Provide timely notice.

The Coreworx Change Management solution uses a time-driven process with comprehensive change records to provide transparency to all stakeholders.

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Why Coreworx Change Management?


One form with impacts,
documents & audits

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Time-driven workflow
locks in approval

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Automated notices,
shared reports

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Risk indicators,
status & progress

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Change can be costly to projects

“Change Management has the highest cost impact to owners and contractors of all construction capital project practices. More than half of all capital projects have 5% to 15% cost increase due to change.”

The Right Information to the Right People at the Right Time

With Coreworx Change Management, once a change request is sent, the system ensures all affected parties are notified and receive all relevant information & associated documents so requests can be processed in a timely manner.
Coreworx Change Management Notifications

Capture the Complete Change Record

Record keeping for project changes often involves a collection of spreadsheets, emails, letters, estimates, and technical and commercial documents from various electronic systems. Coreworx addresses the essential need to have all change information in one place, accessible from anywhere.

Coreworx Change Request Form Coreworx Change Request Form – one single form launches the process and contains all relevant info for that change request.

Control the Change Process

Whether you’re working on a change for a client or managing changes with your contractors, you need certainty that all changes are assessed and approved per contract and policy standards, by the appropriate authorities, at the right time, EVERY time. Coreworx automated workflow locks this in and gives you the flexibility to intervene and expedite when special circumstances arise.

Issue Timely Notifications

Today’s projects have a poor track record of timely notifications of change, which can violate contract terms and make it difficult to defend claims or settle disputes. If construction proceeds with incorrect revisions of information there can be massive consequences on the project schedule and budget. Coreworx processes are time-driven to ensure deadlines are met, and notices are issued from the system with links to change records and correct revisions of all documentation.

Coreworx Change Control Workflow and Authority Matrix – both work to ensure a consistent process is followed for every change and that the right people are notified.

Monitor Changes

Changes have a significant impact to the project’s schedule and/or cash flow. Change-related tasks need to be transparent to ensure you can easily identify any risk indicators. Coreworx Change Management gives you dashboards and reports with red flags and drill-down capabilities to detailed information and mitigation actions.

Coreworx Change Metrics Dashboard Report Coreworx Change Metrics report – drill down to reveal details of each metric.

Coreworx Change Summary Report Coreworx Change Summary Report

Coreworx On-Premise or SaaS solutions

Choose Your Deployment

Choose a deployment that meets the needs of your specific project. Coreworx offers various options ranging from implementing on-premise to a fully hosted SaaS Coreworx Express option that’s available for a low monthly subscription fee and ready to use in just days.
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Read/Watch More on Change Management

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