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At Coreworx, every employee is an integral part of the team that drives our success.

Coreworx offers the opportunity to work with people who have a proven track record of creating successful software companies. We’re always looking for individuals to join our team who are energetic, entrepreneurial, creative and passionate about their work. Everyone in this company has a stake in their future and the company’s. If you are interested in working with an experienced group of people in a fun and entrepreneurial technology company, email your resume with cover letter to Coreworx today.

Coreworx is currently seeking candidates for the following positions:

Coreworx is looking for new team member who has 10+ years of experience working as a software developer, full stack web developer, or similar role.

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Coreworx wants developers who seek to contribute significantly day-to-day. You will be part of an Agile team/project but individual assignments will happen. Contributions are expected to be high value/quality which means you are prepared to get it right the first time. We want people who communicate and contribute ideas often: Coreworx values questions when you are unclear, new ideas, transparency, and a sense of urgency.

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Why work with us?

you’re interested in working for a company whose software manages 2000 capital projects worth $1 trillion across 40 countries, then Coreworx is for you

If you’re interested in working for a company whose clients rely on them to manage information and processes for some of the most complex engineering and construction projects around the world, then Coreworx is for you.

If you’re interested in working for a company where you’re not just a ‘cog in a wheel’ and your efforts make a true difference, then Coreworx is for you.

Other Skills?

We are always looking for talented and passionate people.

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