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Coreworx and Horizon Energy Partnership

Coreworx announced today its partnership with Horizon Energy LLC, a holding company based in Abu Dhabi that specializes in oil... Read More →

Congratulations to Board Member, Melissa Herkt

Congratulations to Coreworx Board of Directors member, Melissa Herkt on her well-deserved 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Auburn Alumni... Read More →

Integrating Project Management Practices for Better Performance

In general, project practices are changing. Rather than focus on each work process in isolation, organizations are now looking at... Read More →

Why Choose Coreworx?

Coreworx software solutions focus on the information management needs of industrial capital projects within the energy and major infrastructure sectors. Coreworx software solutions are built to automate proven industry best practices and synchronize data management processes, with all functionality based on industry research and customer experience.
Quickly configure Coreworx software and gain user adoption through out-of-the-box work processes that were designed around best practices for managing capital projects and also align to your current standard operating procedures.
Coreworx combines tools built on industry best practices with the ability to configure most system components to fit your project’s specific needs – both of these items ensure quick implementation times and fewer costs associated with customizations.
Coreworx software runs in a secure, web-based environment on-site or in the cloud and can be accessed by authorized users any place in the world via a web browser and an Internet connection. Enterprise class ensures scalability and performance.

The Coreworx API

Do more with project information by integrating your Coreworx solutions with your other existing business and project systems. Give developers secure access to the data within your Coreworx system, allowing them to build tools to reduce data duplication & errors, ensure regulatory compliance, and improve processing and planning times.

Webinar: Integrating Project Management Practices

This 3-part series discusses the topic of integrating various project management practices; from the ‘core’ project management practices, such as change management and risk management, to the newest practice, interface management.

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